Taiwan company
Ji-Horng Plastic Co., Ltd.
China company
Ho-Mou Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.
Since Ji-Horng Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in the mid-west of Taiwan in 1986, we have devoted ourselves for more than 30 years to the professional manufacture of all kinds of plastic locks and hooks.
In order to complete the range of our customer services, we have set up Moulding Department besides Plastic Production Department and Sales Department. Ji-Horng specializes in O.D.M. and O.E.M., mainly supplying importers and trading companies overseas, and also some local import-and-export end product manufacturers.
We have nearly thirty employees.
For more than ten years, we have insisted on being customer-oriented and providing customer services on the basis of our managerial concepts: "Faith", "Service", "Creativity" and "Excellence", in order to creat a mutually beneficial relationship and to grow together with all our customers.
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